2014 - ongoing
    Elastic bearings lighting three-phase motors including control.

‘[…] Four cords, each about 10 meters long, spin around and make patterns that are strongly reminiscent of waveforms. Certainly, if the pace is screwed up and patterns follow each other at a rapid pace, they are almost too much to comprehend. Accompanied by whip-like sounds, it is an impressive spectacle that enforces admiration, but which scares you as well, you might end up among those cords.’ – Maarten Buser in Metropolis M.

10 Meters Of Sound is an audio-visual kinetic composition for high-speed rotating elastic cables and the interference of their wave patterns. Two elastic cables attached to motors are stretched 10 meters across a room and rotate at different frequencies in a composition of waves and flickering moiré patterns, all the while making ‘whooshing’ sounds through the air. Moiré patterns appear when two similar patterns overlap each other and create a third pattern.

10 Meters Of Sound grew out of the Fan series of auto-destructive mobiles. The installation is now in the permanent collection of Rijksmuseum Twenthe.

  • Novas Frequências [New Frequencies]

    Rio De Janeiro (BR)

  • 01.12.2019 09.12.2019
  • Open Day, Royal Academy of the Arts

    The Hague (NL)

  • 30.01.2015 31.01.2015