Metal wood fan belts bearings projection screen prepared light / beamer aluminum 3-phase motors frequency drivers board computers

Whether Weather is a hyper-sculpture, mechanically shattering and scattering white light into thousands of pieces of color. The roar of the colors, the pinching sound, and the wind of the fast-spinning machines give visitors an intense physical experience. Within a meta-composition the works are in constant dialogue with each other, submerging us into the dynamics between human and machine. When in sync, the works’ extreme precision creates intensely visible silhouettes, making it difficult for us to distinguish between the physicality of the work and the play of these silhouettes on the wall.

Inspired by the Dutch windmills, Whether Weather poetically visualizes the fundamentals of light by generating color wheel phenomena. By rotating the blades at different speeds in relation to each other in a neat composition of interferences, the light breaks and a diverse spectrum of color and sound ensues.

  • Dutch (De)light, Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst

    Unna (DE)

  • 29.10.2021 31.10.2021